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Servus.heimat, since 2003 the Munich specialty store for home love and heartiness.

An unusual souvenir shop with a lovingly selected range of souvenirs and souvenirs, all reminiscent of the alpine southern German homeland. Perfectly the modern Bavarian gift parade for locals, guests and Zuagroaste.

In the three servus.heimat branches customers find a unique mixture of the reinterpretation of classic souvenirs, useful little things with locomotive color and contemporary Bavarian devotional items. You will find snow globes, poppy weather houses, cuckoo clocks, bathers and Christmas tree balls in costume, wackeldackel and much more. In addition to the extensive servus.heimat textile collection for women, men, children and babies, one of Munich's most recent Bavarica assortments is available for those interested in culture.


The company logo is the Gams, it symbolizes the relationship to home, mountains and nature. Servus.heimat is a registered trademark and is well known and popular far beyond Bavaria's national borders.